I have been swimming in an ocean of change.

I have come across obstacles, and I have overcome them. I have encountered new habits and passions, and I have been nurturing them. I have in my way dropped what didn’t serve me, and the ocean embraced it all. Each wave I swam across purified me. To the ocean of change… I say thank you.

And now, I’m changed. I’m the same, and I’m not. I embrace it all, just like the ocean.

So it’s only natural that Love Who You Are Studio changed, too. It is my pleasure to introduce to you my changed website. When you go through inner changes, the outer manifestation is unavoidable.

I have been using High With Life as my slogan for a long time, and have now promoted it to website name status. The goal is to continue the inner search, nurturing our inner worlds with mindfulness and wholesome living.

I truly hope that you enjoy the changes, I sure do. And I hope you stay a bit longer and start your inner journey, too…

Love Who You Are!


2 thoughts on “Rebranding

  1. Nice, Meme! Adorei! Ficou lindo! Adorei o nome, a logo, o layout. Tudo! O melhor claro, é o conteudo… sempre me traz mais perto de vc.

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