Action, Witch

“Motion creates emotion.”
(Tony Robbins)


Come on, Witch
It’s time to get up and go
Stop making yourself small
The ego battle is futile
And will take you to a place
Where no Life flows
Come on, Witch
You are here for a reason
To taste, to see and be
To create, to try, to fall
To win, to lose, to fail
You want it all!
Come on, Witch
Life might be energy
And we might be One
But don’t get stuck there
Translate it into things
Words, cups, coffee and cream
Come on, Witch
Don’t be scared to be you
Crazy you, happy you, silly you
Pimples, puffy eyes, smiling bright
It’s time to get up and go
Action, witch!


Love who you are – and stay high with Life!