A Good Heart

“A good heart is better than all the heads in the world.”
Robert Bulwer-Lytton

Sipping a delicious tea
But then turning on the TV
A moment of calm
Transformed into chaos
So many bad news
People hurting
A world lacking empathy
Spreading coldness
Everywhere you look
So easy it is, isn’t it
To feel disheartened
To throw in the towel
Giving up on love
But please don’t
I beg, I plead
There’s so much more
Than you can see
There is sweetness
Kindness and connection
You can dig deeper
And feel it for yourself
That a good heart
Is your superpower
Guiding you always
To remember your values
And honor your light
Whispering always
“Trust me”


Your heart has so, so much power.